From the Desk of Principal


From The Desk Of Principal

“Education is not the learning of facts,

but the training of the mind to think”

Albert Einstein


As envisioned by the founders, Aligarh Public School committed to academic excellence
through holistic education and quality school governance.
Education for 21st Century opened new vistas in the playground of School education. How to
grow a fine human being out of a child besides training his/her mental and emotional faculty,
training in kinaesthetic, inculcation of life skills and pristine values is a challenge.

Development of 21st Century skills among our students through a wide spectrum of scholastic
and co-scholastic activities would be the focus of our attention. However, more emphasis would
be on developing thinking skills, creativity and innovation, inquisitiveness and problem solving
ability among our students.

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) is under meticulous implementation as there
is a conscious departure from marking system to grading system with allied changes in
assessment and evaluation process of the performance of students. We adopt child centered
approach in teaching-learning and thus we keep in focus children’s safety and security, their
needs, potential, interest, learning style, rate, individual difference (differential learning), gender
sensitivity, health, nutrition, environment and social context.

Nuances of institution building requires concerted team effort, collaboration and sustained
cooperation from of all our stakeholders in making the school child friendly with learner friendly
digital classroom wherein learning would be a joyful experience with a thrust on experiential
learning, multiple intelligence, multiple literacy through multimodal teaching – learning with
need-based and effective utilization of technology in Classroom in congruence with the creation
of academic ambience, stimulating learning environment and challenging work situations for the
learning community and knowledge society .