Sports and Activities

Games & Sports
Go for it

Competitive sports and physical education are important aspects of life at RPIC. Facilities are available for all indoor games. In the psycho-motor domain the school focuses on both physical fitness as well as skill at games.

To encourage students to remain physically fit, there is a system of awarding students gold, silver and bronze medals based on their performance in tests which assess strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and coordination.

Apart from this the academy provides excellent coaching pertaining to the Yoga & Aerobics to ensure rhythmic development of mind, body & soul.

Activities & Hobbies
Multidimensional Development
All students at the right age will be involved in a variety of co-curricular and socially useful activities/hobbies like drawing, art and craft, painting, dance, drama, music, gardening, embroidery and needle work.

They are exposed to ‘Work Experience’ in various trades and vocations of their preferences and aptitude.